If you’re looking to know how to pack dishes for moving, then that means you have a moving trip coming up within the next few months. Preparing for your move by packing all your things away properly to prepare for the movers can be stressful. You want to ensure that your things are safe and secured, so that they won’t jumble around in the boxes or be crushed during pickup, transport, or delivery to your new home.

What You Need to Pack Dishes for Moving

Reinforced cardboard boxes – Why risk your plates, bowls, and other dishes by using a flimsy three dollar box? Take good care of the dishes you own and have created so many memories around at the dinner table with friends and family by packing your dishes in reinforced cardboard boxes sure to protect them during the trip to your new place.

Bubble Wrap – Want to avoid cracks in your plates and bowls? Even one weak spot can crack a dish that ruins the set. To guarantee safe transport you’re going to want to buy lot’s of bubble wrap. Several rolls of it in fact. Don’t skimp on the bubble wrap when it comes to safely packing your dishes.

Packing Paper and Newspaper – Newspaper is great, but it can stain and ruin your dishes. Be sure to completely and tightly wrap each individual dish in packing paper and if possible, tape it so that it remains sealed. Then add an extra layer of newspaper. Do a quality check after each dish is wrapped to verify that it won’t come free when shuffled around.

How to Pack Dishes for Moving

If you follow these rules below, you should have no problems in protecting your dishes when our movers come to pick them up for moving to your new home:

  1. Reinforce the boxes on the bottom with tape to keep the bottom from falling out because of the weight. Then tape up the sides to avoid jumbling side to side.
  2. Create a thick layer inside the box with padding for protection. Use that bubble wrap!
  3. Tightly wrap and tape the first layer of plastic wrap around each individual dish.
  4. Add a second layer of newspaper and tape them up tightly.
  5. Align the dishes accordingly in a row sideways on their edges for maximum strength and support. Do not stack them on top of each other.
  6. Check to make sure the dishes are immobilized within the box. Add paper, bubble wrap, or towels to secure them tightly as needed.
  7. Close the lid and tape up the box nice and tight.
  8. Now don’t forget to label what’s in your box! Do it immediately before you forget. You don’t want to have to reopen the box and compromise the security of it.

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