We’ve all done it before. You know it before you even finished reading “Moving Boxes – Choose Carefully” across the screen.

That moment when you look at all the things you need to pack up before you make your move and the dollar signs flash across your eyes as you count the number of boxes it’s going to require to pack up your belongings.

Then it happens. You realize that the larger boxes hold a lot more for very little difference in the cost of your moving boxes.

How to Choose the Right Moving Boxes

Don’t make the common mistake caused by skimping on costs and time by buying only or nearly all large sized boxes.

You know the ones: 24in. x 24in. or bigger.


What’s going to happen if all you have to load up that massive box exceeds its’ weight capacity? What happens when the fastest movers in Fort Worth (just calling it like it is) quickly lift your boxes of belongings and then the bottom falls out? Things crash to the bottom of the moving van or to the ground and you’re up a creek with the cost of your move skyrocketing by poorly planned filling of your moving boxes and of choosing the wrong size to fit a budget.

Make Safely Lifting Your Moving Boxes a Priotity

With proper weight distribution, organization, safe placement and protective covers for breakables, we the movers, can know that with each lift of a box that your belongings are safely secured, we will feel better about rapidly progressing through the moving process and in doing so, save you a bundle of money that can better be spent on meals and ways to rest once your move is complete.

So be smart about it and prepare for your move by purchasing the proper moving boxes that you will need to relocate your things.

And be sure to plan out how many of each sized box that you’ll need. Then take that number and add to it.